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Skincare 101: Face Masks

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

Today is day 3 of skincare 101 and today I will be discussing my favorite face masks! I have been a closet mask hoarder for some time now. Face masks are my favorite part of my skincare routine. I think they are essential for adding moisture as well as for getting rid of all the gunk deep in your pores. Before picking up just any mask, you should probably know what the different types of face masks available are.

There are clay masks which are great for unclogging pores, however they are not ideal for dry skin because they are drying. There are also peel-off masks which usually come in a gel or waxy formula which tends to hydrate making these great for mature and dry skin. There are are also thermal masks which heat up and basically open up your pores and allows your skin to breath. Lastly there are natural masks which are made from fruits and plants, these are used for the properties of the plants.

Here are my personal favorite masks!

  1. Freemans's Charcoal and Black Sugar [$3.99] : This is a 2 in 1 product, its feels great as a mask while being a great exfoliator. This really helps get rid of congested skin. 
  2. Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque [$3.99]: It is one of my favorites and it has never failed me, this sucks up any oils on your face [so not ideal for dry skin]. It tightens up your pores and helps remove blackheads. I love using this on spots to dry them up. 
  3. NARS's Aqua Gel Luminous [$39]: I have raved about this product a number of times already on the blog, but its just that amazing! It super charges your skin with moisture and your skin is just glowing the day after. This is the only high end mask I am willing to spend the money on because it is just that amazing. If you have dry skin check it out! 
  4. Freeman's Dead Sea Mineral [$3.99]: This is the perfect mask for a girls night in. Its great because it gets deep into pores to removes impurities without over drying the skin. Your skin will feel healthy after this mask due to the dead sea minerals. It also has a nice relaxing scent! 
What are some of your all favorite face masks? 

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Have a great day!
xoxo Franchesca 

9 comments on "Skincare 101: Face Masks"
  1. great post dear ! xx

  2. I LOVE the mint julep mask. I use it at least once a week. sooo refreshing!

  3. I love the fresh Cupcake Mask from LUSH. It is perfect for acne prone or oily skin - and great for if you get pesky break outs! Great post!

    1. I've never tried any lush masks. Now I'm interested!
      Thanks for the recommendation :)

      xo Franchesca

  4. I love face and hair masks!!!! I might have to try the mint julep .. I love mint and peppermint products!
    Jessica from

    1. Its a great clay mask, one of my favorites.
      Thanks for checking it out :)

      xo Franchesca

  5. Can we get a full review on the nars mask?
    Sounds amazing, thanks!

    x. Liz