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Winter Wonderland

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

So as here in the states the east coast was slammed with a snow storm I decided what better time to talk about my winter warmer essentials. Here on the east coast the weather is rather temperamental [very temperamental!], it could be blizzarding one hour and sun shine with birds chirping the next. No exaggeration! I remember going to class on year it was snowing and when I got out it was sunny and warm.

I have a go to stash for when the east coast becomes a winter wonderland [or the tundra]. These are the pieces I have been reaching for this winter:

Ralph Lauren: This crew neck sweater is just the warmest thing in the world. I absolutely adore Ralph Lauren I think quality is just amazing and they are some classic pieces that will forever be in style.

Brooklyn Industries: Outerwear, Brooklyn Industries has some amazing quality coats, and everyone needs a good coat.

Brooks Brothers:  When you want to look sophisticated grab a piece from Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers has amazing quality pieces. I have pieces from years ago that are still in great shape.

Lacoste: Sweaters are just their thing, they are so soft and warm. I have a couple Lacoste sweaters and I love how comfy they are.

H&M: Budget friendly, coats, sweater, scarves, you name it H&M probably has it. I adore H&M basic pieces, the quality for the price is just amazing. Need I say more.

What are some of your winter warmers?

If heading out into the cold don't forget your gloves, scarves, and hats! :)

Have a Great Day! [stay warm and drive safely]
xoxo Franchesca

Pictures of WVU
[some people even skied to class]

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