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Friday, June 6, 2014

As you may have heard I graduated about a month ago and was fortunate enough to land a job and internship both in my field of study, something super rare these days.Entering the professional field has really opened my eyes to new and amazing things. I work and intern in Manhattan its the place I've always wanted to be! Working in the city has been an adventure, but I have been loving getting to play around with some business pieces. For myself I'm not a big fan or pant suits, they just don't fit my frame or style. However, some may say [my mother] wearing a skirt/dress to the work place is risky but I disagree. I think there are three basic rules to keep in mind when wearing a dress/skirt to work.

ONE follow the finger tip rule. Place your hands at your side and if your skirt is ends above your fingers its a NO GO, if it falls below your fingertips then its good to go!

TWO form fitting can be done tastefully. If its like a second layer of skin... NO. I think that as form fitting as you should go is a pencil skirt.

THREE if you're showing leg, cover up the top. Cleavage is NEVER acceptable in the office.

There are a couple other things to keep in mind when dressing for the office. Your office environment, for one. Wearing some Elle Woods inspired outfits maybe good for a fashion magazine office, however not so good for an investment firm office. A rule of thumb I like to follow or ask myself before I walk out the house is would I wear this to church. If yes then I'm okay, if no something need to change.

What are your thoughts of female business attire?

Have a lovely day and fabulous weekend!
xoxo Franchesca
8 comments on "Business Fashionista "
  1. I always ask myself if my grandmother would approve before I walk out the door lol. Great post and tips!

    Char xo

  2. that's amazing you got a job in your chosen field! sounds like a great opportunity, totally agree about your rules for dressing in the office. would love if you could check out my blog :)