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Holy Grail NARS Products!

Friday, November 8, 2013

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 Hi there everyone!

If you guys haven't noticed by now, I am a NARS addict! NARS was the very first high end makeup brand I ever tried, I had this super vibrant purple eyeshadow duo that I'm sure if I went through some old makeup I could probably still find it. Through the years I find myself repurchasing the same products time and time again. If anyone ever asks for a makeup recommendation chances are pretty high that I'll recommend a NARS product. So here are some of my Holy Grail NARS products that I recommend, yes I love other products from NARS but these I will keep repurchasing till the day I die or they discontinue them (cause that happens to often in the beauty realm).

  1. Lip Gloss in Striptease, it's a little sticky but it last forever and its perfect for a nude lip. I always find myself going back to this.
  2. Aqua Gel Luminous Mask. As I've mentioned before I have excessively dry skin and this mask is hydration 101 for my face. It's so luxurious and leaves your skin soooo smooth it is just Heaven for your face. 
  3. Bronzer in Irr├ęsistiblement. Its not the cult favorite Laguna, but it has a slight reddish tinge that give a natural, just in the sun look. 
  4. Cream blush in Constantinople. This is a deep rose color and is super hydrating and blends beautifully. It's a great color for autumn and winter but I use it year round. Given any NARS blush is great.
  5. Sheer Glow foundation is my all time favorite foundation, I'm either Santa Fe or  Stromboli. Depending on how tan I am I alternate or mix them to make my perfect shade. I love the coverage, the finish and love how it doesn't feel like you have makeup on.
  6. Eyeshadow duo in Indian Summer. I think their duos are a great deal as their eyeshadows are so pigmented that a little goes along way, and they will last FOREVER! However this duo is so neutral it can go with anything. 
  7. Eyeliner Stylo, I use it in black, but the felt tip makes it so easy to line your upper lash-line and it last forever, and is still easy to take off. 
  8. Multiple in Copacabana, it's a cult favorite for a reason. It gives the most youthful glow to your skin and I love using this on my cupids bow to accentuate my lips.  
What are your favorite NARS products and whats your favorite make-up brand? I'm always on the hunt for new products to try.

Hope you have a great weekend!
xoxo Franchesca 
3 comments on "Holy Grail NARS Products!"
  1. I love nars aswell! I really enjoy their highlighter miss liberty and their lipstick in honolulu honey.
    Great post.
    xo Em

    1. I've never tried miss liberty but it looks beautiful. I've also never tried any of their lipsticks. I'll have to look into these next time I'm at NARS! Thank you for the recommendations!!
      xoxo Franchesca

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