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Powder, Pomade or Crayon?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Remember when there was only two methods of eyebrow products? Oh the simple days... Today it seems like theres a new innovated eyebrow products every month but the trend tends to stay the same one moth pencils or crayons are all the age the next pomades are the new thing and then you get right back to keeping it old school with a powder.

So in a world where there are SO many options, where do you start? Well today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on where these belong in your life.

So you like a natural brow or you want something super quick, then definitely go for a crayon. These formulas allow you to imitate small brow hairs for a super natural look and the tend to be quickest method.

Maybe you want to define your brow a bit and fill in some spare areas but still keep it natural then go for a powder, a little bit more effort but totally worth it. Just make sure you have a good angles brush to get clean lines.

Now here is where the lines can get a bit blurred POMADE. For me I reach for my pomade on a night out or when I know I'm going to having a long day and I need my brows to stay put. Now there are some magicians out there that can make a pomade look natural. Sadly, I'm just not one of them. For me pomade means bold makeup.

Do you guys have different formulas for different occasions? I know we tend to do this with foundation but I'm curious if others do it with eyebrows as well.

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