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Non Intimidating Color Correcting

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I have always had dark circles and I always will. Unfortunately my undereye problems are genetic (my mother would beg to differ). However, ever since becoming a mom and running on broken sleep for the past seven months I have become full raccoon. Concealer on its own is not sufficient coverage for me anymore. That is when I shopped my stash a found the Tarte CC undereye corrector. I had picked this up last summer and honestly forgot about it (no real time for makeup anymore). I had heard Amelia Liana rave about this for sometime and thought I'd give it a go considering I have always suffered from dark circles and her recommendations haven't steered me wrong yet.

The Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector runs for $24 USD which is a good price but only comes in two really similar shades. I honestly could've gone with either one but in the end went with medium-tan. I found it really interesting that this corrector is said to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture over time. Now I'm not to sure about the science behind this, but if it wants to do all that awesome if not I wouldn't expect it to.

The texture of this is creamy, so initially I was scared this would crease on me. However you only need the tiniest bit to get a thin layer and I love that because it doesn't interfere with the performance of my concealer.

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