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Life after College

Sunday, June 5, 2016

So you graduated college. CONGRATS! If you are anything like I was graduating college was exciting but also terrifying because it meant I had to go full adult. I was not one of the lucky ones who graduated with my dream job lined up or any job lined up really. So I'm here to say that its not the end of the world if you didn't land a job yet, you're not alone.

I took that time in between graduation and landing my first adult job interning and going to interviews even if I knew I didn't want the job. I found that just going to interviews was really good practice and by the fifth one most of the interview jitters were gone. I would say put your toes in everything you want! My degree was in international diplomacy, my dream job was (still is) to work for the US State Department as an Ambassador or for the UN. However, on my road there (hopefully this is the road) I interned in politics for the summer and dabbled in non-profits and eventually found my self in construction... definitely didn't see that in my future. But as it turns out I really enjoy working in the Oil & Gas industry and its a field I would have never considered until I just decided why not go to the interview.

So I guess thats what I want you guys to take away from this, is that there is hope in landing an awesome job after you graduate.  Even after you seem to have tried it all, just keep persistent.

Best of luck!

xo Franchesca

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