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January Favorites

Sunday, February 1, 2015

So I originally filmed my favorites, but some how I was not in focus at all! So a post it shall be, lol.

This most I was all about a natural, minimal glowy base. For my primer I have been loving the L'Oreal magic lumi primer, I don't believe I have spoken about this here, but it is definitely my favorite primer from the drugstore. Because I have such dull skin this brings life back to my face.

Lately I have not been reaching for a full on base and just been using concealer where needed. I have been reaching for the Revlon Age Defying concealer in 03 medium. It's a very thin consistency, but has great coverage. To set the concealer I have been using the MAC mineralized skin finish natural in the shade medium golden. I love this powder because it doesn't mattify, but just set everything allowing for a natural glow to come through.

The Holla Bronzer from benefit has been used daily, I love it. It lives up to all the hype  I have a full post on it [here].  For my cheeks I have been loving the shade prim form Tarte. This shade was in their cheek to chic collection from around the holidays. It's a nude peachy shade that goes with everything, its just enough color to give life to the cheeks.

For lips I think I may have found my signature lip combo. Its Revlon's lipstick in Velvet Rose and NYX lip gloss in natural beauty. They're both a darker nude that borders a mauve, I have been wearing them together since Christmas. I absolutely love this combo.

I have two hair products and hair is something I don't really talk about much because I find hair to be so different that I find it very rare that a product that works for someone else will work for me. But the first one is the Oscar Blandi lacca Hairspray. I originally got this for those days where I straighten my hair and I need to add some texture and volume, but this surprisingly works great for my curly hair. It holds and control my frizz.  The second is the Batiste dry shampoo, I have heard everyone rave about this, but never really thought to pick it up. But after trying so many dry shampoos from the drugstore,  this is definitely the bell of the ball. It gets rid of the greasy look without making your hair crunchy and the mist is super fine that product distributes evenly.

What were some of your favorites this past month?

xoxo Franchesca
4 comments on "January Favorites"
  1. Charline SteuckersFebruary 1, 2015 at 5:21 PM

    I'm obsessing over the tarte blushes, even though I don't own one :D

    I do really love the Hoola Bronzer. I've heard a lot about the Mac mineralize skin finish too. Might try it out on day.

    my favourites are in this post, if you'd like to check them out ;)

    Love, Charline x

  2. I love layering lip products as well. I've been pretty impressed with Revlon this month as well.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. Great post, cool products. I love dry shampoo!

    Camille xo

  4. I love these products. It looks like you've brightened up your January :)