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Final Exam Study Tips!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hi there everyone!

So finals are finally here. This time of the semester can be stressful so to help you all a bit I've complied my top 10 tips for staying on top of finals. 

Here they are...

  1. Organize your calendar. Schedule your study times, review sessions, and time of each exam. 
  2. Know what kind of studier you are. Everyone learns differently, so if outlines don't work for you, maybe creating a powerpoint presentation may work. 
  3. Prioritize which exam matters most. What I mean by this is to spend more time on a course in which you are have always had trouble in. There is no reason to spend the same amount of time studying for an exam in a subject in which you excel. For example I am absolutely awful with any type of math, but I excel in my history courses. So I prioritize my math finals over my history one. 
  4. Study guides are your friend! If a professor is nice enough to make a study guide USE IT! Study guides can help you understand what information will be important for the exam. If a professor does not hand out a study guide, create your own from old exams. 
  5. When studying put your phone on do not disturb mode!
  6. Take advantage of office hours. Office hours are a great place to ask your professor any questions you come across. Sometimes you can get some really helpful information for the exams, like telling you what chapters to focus on. 
  7. Take study breaks. It's the end of the semester and your brain is probably fried, so take a break and watch a movie, grab a quick bite or take a little power nap. 
  8. Get a good nights sleep. I know that its hard to not pull an all-nighter, but chances are you'll only stress yourself out. 
  9. Have blue books and scantrons in your school bag ready to go. Put them in the night before, that way in the morning you won't forget. 
  10. Relax! After you have studied for weeks, you have done all you can do. 
Hope this was helpful and best of luck on finals!

xoxo Franchesca 
5 comments on "Final Exam Study Tips!"
  1. These are such great tips! I definitely used most of these when I was in college! Good luck on your exams!


  2. I remember about two semesters ago I was taking a course I was really struggling with. I ended up having to suck up my pride and ask the Prof for help. It was the best thing I could have ever done. She showed me exactly how much I needed to get for a passing grade and encouraged me to focus on the things I was strongest in rather than spreading myself thin trying to study everything. Talking to a Prof can be really scary at first but most of them are helpful and will genuinely help you if you show that you really do want to succeed. I wish I had done it more frequently in my freshman year. I think it would have saved me a lot frustration.

    1. I was so intimidated by my professors my first and second year at uni and I wish I wouldn't have been. I think every uni goes through this in the first couple semesters. Thank you for your comment I'm sure someone will find this helpful! :)

      xo Franchesca

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