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Gift Guide For Your Guy!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hey Everyone!

With the holidays just around the corner, figuring out what to get the guy in your life is a bit stressful. So I put together some gift ideas that would be great for any guy. These gifts don't have to be just for your significant other, but also for your dad or guy best friend. I think the most important thing in picking up a gift for anyone is to know their likes, interest, and style.

Here are my picks:
  • I think every man should have a watch, so if your guy doesn't have one pick one up for him. You don't have to break the bank for a good watch either, this one from Timex is only $65.
  • Get your guy a new book, now this of course is only if your guy enjoys reading. Be sure to get him a book in a topic he is interested in and doesn't have already. I recommend you checkout Barnes and Nobles best-seller list if you're completely lost in which book to get him. 
  • Shoes are a tricky one, but if you know your guys style this could be a really great gift. And besides everyone needs a good pair of shoes. If your guy likes boat shoes, these Sperry top-siders lined with a cozy fabric will be perfect for winter. But if your guys into Nike or Jordans get him the new pair. 
  • Tickets to an event are great because the experience will give him hopefully great memories. If your guys into sports get him tickets to a game, if you guys favorite band is playing in your area get him ticket to watch them. 
  • Cologne is a classic gift. Guys like smelling good too so go to the store and pick out your favorite scent. A little hint is that you make sure your guy isn't sensitive to certain scents, like if super strong scents give him a headache get him a light fragrance. I really like the smell of Dolce & Gabbana the one .
  • A vinyl is great for the music lover. Now of course if your guy doesn't have a record player you can always opt for a CD or i-tunes gift card.  If you buy a vinyl off Amazon you get a code to  the MP3 which is great cause he can also listen to the album on his phone. 
  • Get him something that you guys have in common. My boyfriend and I both drink coffee and we really like weird goofy mugs. This is definitely a more personal gift, and is just an aspect of a gift. This mug is from Uncommon Goods and is $16.   
  • If your guy needs a new wallet get it for him. Men are stubborn and will hold on to their batman wallet from grade school. This Fossil one is $40 and is great quality.
  • Lastly add a personal touch with a framed picture of you too. Now if you live together this may not be the most personal, but if you don't live together you can give him pictures to fill his place up of you two. This would be a sweet gesture and can be added to any gift you give him. This frame is from Ikea. Also keep it simple with the frame, something classic and looks "manly" like wood (you can't go wrong with wood). 
Hope this was helpful to someone and if you have other suggestions for gift ideas leave them in the comments to help give some more ideas. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. Enjoy the rest of your day!
xoxo Franchesca
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