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Poland Does Christmas!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Let me first start out with saying that I am not in Poland. Poland is the nickname for my apartment which a friend gave and it just stuck. I mentioned yesterday that my roommate was throwing a Christmas party, and to go with the christmas theme she decorated.This is what she put together. We joke that out Christmas tree is a barbie themed because of all the pink. Those streamers she made herself (she's really crafty), but they really make the room feel Christmasy. And to get in the Christmas spirit, I have been loving Peppermint Mocha cream, ugh I'm obsessed! But I have to say that my most favorite thing in our apartment right now is definitely the
Charlie Brown window jellys, I'm not even sure why, because I've never been a huge fan of Charlie Brown. Also how cute are these mugs?!

Have a great day!
xoxo Franchesca

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