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The Curly Hair Diaries

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hi there everyone!

As the year comes to a close I have gotten quite bored with my hair. I'm one of those girls who is constantly dying their hair to change things up, but to be honest with in a month I'm back to a medium-dark brown. 2013 was the year that I learned to embrace my naturally curly hair. Now I still straightened it every now and then, but far less then I have in the past. I want to continue to embrace my curly hair throughout 2014 and want to encourage all you naturally curly haired girls to do the same. One of the number one factors in helping me embrace my curls was educating myself on curly hair. The first thing that every article pointed out was that not all curly hair is the same! Understanding what type of curls you have, will help you understand what products would work best for your curls.

So today I'm going to list my top three essential hair products for a curly haired gal.

  1. A deep conditioner is something every girl should use, but this should be even more essential for curly haired girls. Use on once to twice a week to keep your locks healthy. I love the Moroccanoil Restorative Mask, but I also love Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask for a more affordable one. 
  2. A hair oil is also essential, it will help keep your hair hydrated all day and help control frizz. I love using the Moroccanoil Treatment, but a great one from the drugstore is Organix Penetrating Argan Oil of Morocco.
  3. A curl definer is great for those who have long curly hair, as when our hair grows some curls are not as defined. There are so many in the market but the one I am currently using is the Marc Anthony Curl Defining Styling Lotion.
What is essential for you curly haired girls?

I'm planning on making this into a mini series on my blog, let me know what you all think. Is this something you guys would like to see?

Enjoy the rest of your day! 
xoxo Franchesca 

8 comments on "The Curly Hair Diaries"
  1. Your hair is so gorgeous! I have also started going with a more natural look. I treat mine weekly with extra virgin coconut oil as a replacement for deep conditioner. Sometimes, I'll run a little through my damp hair at night before braiding it and let it be while I sleep. Carols Daughter Hair Pudding is AMAZING. That's my curly hair styling product- keeps curls defined throughout the day. I use a couple of oils. Kendi Bamboo Dry Oil mist is my favorite but I also use a Garnier one from time to time. Thanks for posting this! I like reading what other people use so I can try new things :D

    1. Thank you! I also use coconut oil every now and then I mix it with castor oil as well. I'll have to check out the hair pudding, I don't think I've ever tried one before.

      xo Franchesca

  2. Your hair is so beautiful and I love the color!

  3. pretty :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm pretty sure it's crushed grapes by Clinique.

      Happy new year to you as well!

      xo Franchesca