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Tickle My France-y

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tickle My France-y was part of O.P.I's 2008 France collection. It is a dusty mauve shade that gives off a nude tone in some lightings, which you can see in both pictures. I picked this up a couple weeks ago and have taken it off to just re-apply it. That's how you know its good. O.P.I is a brand I never paid much attention to. Up until may be April I only had one shade from them and ever since I have expanded my collection. It wasn't until I got a shade put on at the salon that I really started to pay attention to the brand, but slowly but surely the brand has become a favorite of mine. Like all the O.P.I shades I have tired, Tickle My France-y glides on smoothly and evenly and with two coats you get full opaqueness. The durability of O.P.I laquers is another reason to give this shade [or any] a go.

What's you've favorite O.P.I shade?

xoxo Franchesca
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