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The Nude For All Seasons

Monday, January 12, 2015

With every season comes new colors, new shades. In the spring/summer you get pastels and neons, during autumn/winter you get the deep burgundies and cool toned grey, and with every season you see get you neutrals.

Now there are a number of shades that can be worn throughout every season, or you could not care and wear whatever color you want, whenever you want. However, Essie's Sand Tropez has passed the test of the seasons. This shade was part of their Spring 2011 collection, and is described as a sandy beige which it definitely is. This shade is incredibly versatile and can look different in different lighting. At times this shade gives off a taupe hue which I believe is the number one factor that has allowed this shade to work in any season.

xoxo Franchesca
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