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The Hair Product Fail

Friday, January 9, 2015

Having curly hair, I have tried my fair share of different products promising luscious frizz free curls. And if you couldn't tell from the title this was not one of them. I had high hopes for the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Mousse as I love Shea Moisture's other products, but this one just didn't cut it.

Here are its claims "This moisture-rich styling secret easily enhances natural curl memory and wave pattern. No sticky, crunchy or flaky residue - just high impact volume with a soft finish. Fights frizz all day while promoting shine" Sadly I did not find any of these claims to be true.

For one it was not hydrating at all. The texture of this mousse was very watery and when I would use it my hair felt like I had air dried it with nothing in it. I don't believe this product has much to do with curl memory, I think that would be impacted by ones application technique. It was non sticky or crunchy, but there was a residue left on the hair, maybe not flakey, but a clear lining of gunk. As I said before the texture of this mousse is very water based, and I don't see how water can help frizz. On the days I tried this out, my frizz was out of control. Now through the years, I have learned to accept that with curly hair comes some type of frizz, all day every day. However, my frizz got so bad that pulling my hair up along didn't help. Lastly, the shine properties this claims to have are false, as I stated about I had this weird residue when I would use this product and you just can't have shiny hair with gunky hair. One does not equal the other. My final issue with this product is that if you have medium to long hair you have to use a ton of this product to get some type of hold.

All in all, this was just a complete flop. The days I used this product were easily my worst hair days.

Have you guys tried this product?

xoxo Franchesca

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