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5 Things I've Learned Since Becoming Pregnant

Sunday, August 9, 2015

So incase you missed my update post back in May, I'm Pregnant [read post here]! I am now 28 weeks along so officially in the third trimester. Its absolutely insane how fast time has gone, but at the same time it feels like its been forever. So through my pregnancy so far I have learned quite a bit about myself and pregnancy... at least my experience.  So today I'm rounding out the top five things I've learned since becoming pregnant.

1. The pregnancy glow may never come. I've always heard about this glow pregnant women have and it just never came in for me. The only glow I get is from my makeup.

2. Those crazy cravings you always here about, again may never really come. Now don't get me wrong there are times when I want something specific, but I definitely didn't go crazy if I didn't get it. I have yet to make the boy do a late night run. I would feel terrible!

3. My pre-pregnancy thought about people touching the belly, has still held on strong. To me there is something very rude about touching a pregnant women's belly without her consent. My theory is you wouldn't touch me if I wasn't pregnant, so don't touch me or the home of my unborn child now that I am pregnant. Is this psychotic? Now of course I let my boyfriend touch my stomach and children they really can't help it.
4. All those years you wished your boobs would grow, well they do and I don't want them. I give serious props to you girls out there who naturally have larger breast. These suckers are heavy and uncomfortable.

5. You will never get use to the feeling of your baby moving in your belly. It is the most surreal feeling in the world! I mean you GREW A HUMAN!

xoxo Franchesca 
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