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My Weekend in Photos!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and aren't to down that its monday. This weekend was my first weekend back at uni for my last semester. It was kind of crazy and mellow at the same time, if that even  possible. This weekend I started watching The White Queen. This show is amazing, I figured since Reign isn't on yet I would opt for another European monarchy story. If you like Reign, you would definitely like The White Queen, that being said it is for a mature audience. Earlier this week I began reading Find Her, Keep Her and I loved it. I'm actually rather sad that I finished it. For those of you who follow football you would know it is playoff season, and on saturday the New Orleans Saints played against the Seattle Seahawks. My roommate and I were the only females at the bar, it was kinda strange, but what was even stranger was that we were the most vocally engaged in the game, lol. I'm a Saints fan, don't ask me why but they're my second favorite team in the NFL, Jets first of course. The Saints lost and well that was disappointing, especially because I tend to run my mouth a bit during games. Now I have to find a new team to root for!

What did you all do this weekend?

Have a great day
xoxo Franchesca

2 comments on "My Weekend in Photos!"
  1. So glad these post are back, I really enjoyed your previous ones. I also have to find a new team to root for as the Colts lost this weekend as well. I loved the White Queen novel, I'm currently on the Kingmaker's Daughter. Love this series. Once I finish the series I will be catching up the tv series. Great post! Keep them coming.

    Em x.

    1. So glad you enjoy them, they will become more frequent! I thought I would root for the Colts after the Saints lost, but its become a play off struggle! I haven't read on of the books but I really think I'm going to give them ago because I really enjoy the tv series.
      Thanks for checking it out :)

      xo Franchesca