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Heres to a Year of City Mermaid!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today marks a year from the night I decided to start my blog. Well I should say commit to blogging. In my year of blogging I have learned so much, things I NEVER thought I would know such as html, how to use imovie and some other blogging little tips. I have also meet some really great people that I'm happy to say are now friends!

But today I wanted to thank everyone single one of my readers. I honestly never thought I would have more than myself and my family members read my blog. So to know that you guys actually read my little space here on the inter-webs and interact with me, warms my heart. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!

I honor of City Mermaid being a year old I have put on my big girl blogging pants and got my own domain. You can now find City Mermaid on If you follow me on social media you would heard this news before.  Don't worry if you go through my blogspot domain you will be redirected. So you will still be able to get your dose of City Mermaid. There will also be some other changes going on here. Hope you guys enjoy and hope you continue to enjoy my little space!

xoxo Franchesca
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