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The Home Library

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Who else is a little ahead of oneself with the whole house hunting? I get updates from Trulia daily and at this point I know what price range I’m looking to stay in… but the day I will actually be house hunting won’t be for another couple years. However, through my early house hunt [if you can call it that] I’ve realized that in my future home a library of some sorts will have to make its way into the home. I grew up with libraries in the home, so they hold a special place for me.

I love the look of an entire room filled with books, floor to ceiling. Am I the only one who can picture how cozy that would be when the snow falls… hot coco anyone? Though an entire room may not be my reality, I do love the idea of turning a hallway or a closet into a library. Something about libraries just makes the home seem cozier… just me?

xoxo Franchesca

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2 comments on "The Home Library"
  1. Those first 2 pictures are amazing.
    I have a home library at the minute but it's not at all fancy.
    I'd love to have a really massive one one day :')