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Benefit's Hoola Bronzer Yah or Nah?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We have all heard about the cult favorite Hoola Bronzer from Benefit, how it's THE bronzer for contouring. For years I've heard so many great things about this bronzer I would always swatch it every time I was in Sephora and NEVER did I think YUP this is amazing. For one reason alone it looked way to light for my complexion.

So when I found myself in the market for a new bronzer I shopped around. Now my other option was the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting powder but at $44 I thought I rather give the less expensive alternative a chance. I went into my Sephora grabbed the hoola bronzer and walked out before I had a chance to even think about putting it back on the shelf, and I'm so glad I did!

The Hoola bronzer lives up to all the hype. Yes, it looks way to light for someone with medium/olive complexion but its not. It gives a natural shadow to the face allowing me to fake the super high cheekbones. It is not too ashy that it looks muddy, it has just the right amount of warmth that allows you to use it all over. It has amazing lasting power for a bronzer, most bronzers are gone by lunch time for me and this makes it way well past lunch. All in all, I am super impressed and kind of disappointed I waited so long to finally give it a try. This definitely gets a Yah from me!

What products do you think are worth the hype?

xoxo Franchesca
10 comments on "Benefit's Hoola Bronzer Yah or Nah?"
  1. Isn't it crazy how it seems to work on almost every skin tone! It's the perfect shade/tone of brown and I'm with you on it definitely living up to the hype!

  2. I love this bronzer for contouring, its matte so is perfect for looking more natural

    Lauren xx

  3. I recently purchased the Cheeky Sweet Spot palette and I was happy it came with a smaller Hoola bronzer. I haven't tried it yet but I'm very excited!

  4. Ah looks can be deceiving eh? I thought it was too dark for me, but I used a blush brush, to sweep, instead of the little brush it comes with and now I am in love! :)

  5. love this bronzer! its perfect for me.

    Its my fav bronzer all time!

    love your blog, very inspirational


  6. Everyone seems to adore this product, just as with every other cosmetic by Benefit haha. I'm yet to try this, but come next spring/summer when I'm bored of being pale, I may finally push myself to try it! Thanks for the review! :)


  7. ah i really love this! i use it pretty much every single day. still want the kevyn acoin one though

    from helen at

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  8. I love this bronzer, but I usually only use it in the summertime. Such a great product!

    Rebecca |

  9. I love this bronzer, it is great for contouring and never gets too orange looking on me.

  10. I've always used MUA bronzer which is really good but after reading a lot of positive comments about this, think I must go and invest in my own! now following :) xx