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Why Do You Blog?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why do you blog? I saw this over on Bonjour Luce  and really enjoyed reading it. Now to answer the question, why do I blog? It started out of sheer boredom to be quite frank. I first started blogging through tumblr where I really enjoyed making my page unique to me. I did the tumblr thing for about 2 years and every now and then I check back in. I then got really into watching YouTube videos back in 2012, so much so that I even made a video that summer. I quickly took that down. By Fall of 2012 I had started my blog, same name just no direction. I think I had maybe five post before I quit. I then got back into blogging when I had to take a course in uni that had me keep a blog as part of the course. That's when I think I started reading more blogs and really got into writing myself. Towards the end of my uni days I found myself with quite a bit of extra time on my hands, a girl could only watch so much Netflix before you go completely mental. So I realized I needed a hobby that didn't involve me waiting for night fall. So I decided I wanted to start my blog up again, but this time I wanted to start fresh. So I deleted my old post, completely re-vamped my layout and started tapping away at my keyboard... and here we are a year and some months later.

I get a few questions and comments about my blog name every now and then, I'm glad you guys like it! It was my twitter handle from high school I believe, well at least from the start of my uni days for sure. I think it describes me to a tee. I'm a Jersey girl from right outside NYC so I kinda feel like I can claim myself as a city girl (hence City). Now the mermaid part is from my obsession. I love mermaids (obviously) but there's a reason and NO its not because of Ariel but because if mermaid were real they would be completely bad ass. You're half human, half fish which means you could basically swim to whatever destination you'd like. So the travel bug in me is the foundation for my obsession with mermaids. So City Mermaid is essentially a girls love for NYC with a serious case of the travel bug.

Do you blog? Do you read blogs? If so why? I'd love to know.

xoxo Franchesca
2 comments on "Why Do You Blog?"
  1. This post is so so lovely! I went through the start and quit then start again phase too. I actually blogged a lot - personal diary style - when I was a teenager. I wasn't even reading blogs at that time but I ended up meeting lots of friends from my country. Then I went to Uni and stopped because I grew up and couldn't identify with my blog anymore.

    I started again almost two years ago and now my blog is a place to encapsulate my adventures but also share more of my experiences and opinions - and recipes!

    Andreea |

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  2. I am always curious why it is that people start their blogs. I like that you took some time to really get into it, I was the same way. My blog began entirely out of boredom as well as a need to express my thoughts/opinions. But I kept tripping up and getting afraid of putting myself out there. But now I don't really care if anyone reads my posts or if my thoughts are relevant, it's my own little space. My blog is a bit of everything now!

    Rebecca |