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My Favorite Affordable Brushes

Thursday, February 5, 2015

For years my fingers and the little applicators that come with makeup were my only means for applying it. I noticed a huge difference in my makeup application once I started using brushes. They have become such a vital part of my routine, that I want quality brushes. However, those can be expensive. Recently the number of affordable, quality brushes has risen.

The first brand I tried was Eco Tools, they have a variety of brushes at a great price. I have their Essential Eye Set, that I use almost every time I do my eye makeup up. I especially love the highlighter brush in that set. They say its for highlighter, but I love it for blending. I also really love their Custom Coverage Buffing brush. I saw Lauren Curtis use it a bunch in her videos. It applies liquid foundation beautifully I love using it with the L'Oreal True Match foundation.

The next brand of affordable brushes I tried were the loved Real Technique brushes. Just about everyone loves these brushes. I picked up both the Core Collection and the Starter Kit both sets I've used ever brush in them and love them all. I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have my RT buffing brush.

Lastly comes ELF, the super affordable brand that we have heard tons about. It was till last Spring that I tried my first elf product and that was the Small Stipple Brush. This is great for blending out concealer, I wouldn't use it to blend out cream blush as its too small and dense. But concealer that's its calling.

And as an honorable mention goes to the no name brushes. You know those brushes you had for years and just can't remember where they came from. Well, I have some of those still lurking around, but one I will cherish forever is this angle brush. I use it for my brows and no other brush works quite the same.

What are some of your favorite affordable brush brands?

xoxo Franchesca
3 comments on "My Favorite Affordable Brushes "
  1. Amazing post! I really like the Zoeva brushes and they are pretty affordable as well and such good quality ;)
    x Charline

  2. I think the RT buffing brush will always be my fave brush for foundation!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I'm yet to try Eco Tools but I also love RT and ELF! Zoeva is my favorite brand for brushes and the prices are really affordable too! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy