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The Wonky Liner...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The drugstore has so many eyeliners, its hard to pick one that's going to suit your needs. The MasterPrecise liner from Maybelline just didn't meet my needs. Here's what Maybelline claims are about this liner;
Its an exclusive felt tip, that never dries and never skips. Its ultra-thin 0.4mm brush supplies smooth, even lines. No mess or excess. 

Now here's what I think about this product, the first time I used this I like that I was able to get a thin line. However, the tip was really flimsy and I couldn't get a good flick. The formula is very black, but it smudged on me by the end of the day, and started to get patchy mid day. After a couple uses the tip was basically un-usable. I've been using the side of felt tip to get a line which I do most of the time, just now I use another product to get a flick.

I'm typically a fan of Maybelline's products, but this one just didn't make the cut. Maybe I just got a defected. Have any of you had this experience?
2 comments on "The Wonky Liner..."
  1. YES! I've had the same kind of experience. I liked it in the beginning, but after a while, it really started to get on my nerves. I explained it all in last weeks post about eyeliners:
    (I'd love if you checked it out ;) )
    I'm using the l'Oréal SUper Liner Perfect Slim right now. It's the same kind of eyeliner, but much less wonky and it actually draws a really thin line!

    xxx Charline

  2. I never tried Maybelline eyeliners but I certainly won't buy this one!! What a shame :( I usually use Kiko Precision Liquid Liner! xx

    Mary Bloomy