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Snowboarding Wishlist

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

With winter basically here, that means snowboarding season is about to start and for those lucky ones its already has! So I am definitely no pro on the snowboard, hell a five year old probably rides better than I do, but I love it. With my plans to go on a weekend trip this winter, I browsed the web for some items. Here they are;

  1. Oakley Snow Goggles, trust me when I say you're gonna want some goggles. I did the mistake of not getting any my first trip and that wasn't fun. 
  2. These Sorel Snow Boots, are not for riding. But when your up on the mountain for the weekend you're gonna want some good snow boots.
  3. I love my old Burton Snowboarding Jacket, but it's a plain black one, and I really like the pattern on this one. I love these jackets they are super light weight, but definitely keep you warm. 
  4. This beanie is absolutely ridiculous, but ever since watching Johnny Tsunami years ago every time I'm on the slopes I think about it. Now I have no clue where you can get this, but if anyone knows please let me know!! 
  5. I may not be a pro, but I seriously think its time I invest in my very own snowboard. This Salomon Lotus one is great for beginners, so thats me!
Are you guys snowboarders or skiers? 

Have a fabulous day!
xoxo Franchesca 

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